image of a gmod scene of two coffee mugs, a tall opened carton of milk, an opened can of beans on a round table on a big square of wooden flooring that sits on grass gif of a spinning carton of milk gif of a steaming mug of coffee animated gif of syrup pouring onto pancakes and pat of butter added to the top

hello, and welcome to this weird little snip of web

This is probably going to be a spot I just infodump a lot

finally got one o them tiled backgrounds!

user page here! // credits!!

works in progress // my blorbos

2023/08/09: finally posted a message on the user page! lets see if a light gray on lightish gray cooperates well enough... wanna make them lonks visible

23.08.10 -- make sure to scroll to the bottom of the page. as of writing this sentence theres not really enough to warrant scrolling very far but might as well say it while i have the room

24.03.14 -- what are all the holidays i missed updating for? happy halloween... happy thanksgiving... merry christmas, happy new year, happy valentines day... mardi gras... pi day... lets throw in st patricks day and easter just in case, i know im gonna forget to update. granted its not like i have much to update with, but might as well. i have Ideas (dangerous, i know) for a pjo/batman crossover, but i dont know nearly enough about batman to feel at all confident in trying to put even just fragments of it on paper (well, webpage), so if ur reading this and batman is a special interest/hyperfixation of yours i would massively appreciate an infodump. also, ignore any typos here, im eepy and im gonna drink some nice warm tea to make myself eepier

24.03.16 -- I GOT A CHATBOX NOW! SCROLL TO END OF PAGE :D -- thank you to (/^O^)/ ! it's